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Canwealth Minerals Corporation announces completed filing of S-1/A with the SEC.

New York, Montreal February 12, 2015 – Canwealth Minerals Corporation is pleased to announce its completed filing of its S-1/A with the SEC. The company will now begin its process of filing its 15C-211 to obtain its trading symbol .

January 15, 2015 - Bullish Forecasts & Predictions For Gold In 2015

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Earlier this year, gold analyst Ronald-Peter Stoeferle released its gold price model for 2015 and beyond. Based on weighted probabilities, his model shows a long-term gold price of USD 1,515 per ounce. The distribution of gold price expectations remains positively skewed as evidenced by the following chart. Therefore, should there be a deviation from the currently widely expected path towards stabilization of the central banks’ balance sheet, significant upside potential for the gold price would result. (source)